Medlemsmøte 2004-09-23: Patent, Copyright, DRM, and Licenses in the New World of Free and Open Source Software

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Sat Sep 18 13:52:36 CEST 2004

Norsk Unix System Brukers Forening (NUUG) inviterer til åpent
medlemsmøte i NUUG Oslo torsdag 23. september 2004 kl. 18:30 på
Høgskolen i Oslo, HiO, - Vika, Cort Adelersgt. 30.  Inngangen er 15
meter fra trikkeholdeplassen Vikatorvet.  Skolen har egen
parkeringsplass mellom skolen og Ruseløkka skole, men det er svært
begrenset plass på denne.  Etter foredraget (fra ca. 20:30) blir det
sosialt samvær.

Scott Collins will examine the balance between exploration in- and
exploitation of- invention: how both creator and community can share
the benefits from works of software engineering, composition, music,
and other arts.  Current approaches will be weighed against proposals
from both extremes, and more moderate positions.  The presentation
will cover other reasonable motivations behind current copyright and
patent law, the good, the bad, and how we might fix what we have to
work for everyone, including software engineers.

For those of you who attended Richard Stallman's recent presentation,
Copyright and Community, you'll find Scott's to be something of a
counter-point.  While Scott largely embraces Stallman's basic
precepts, the two have much on which they disagree.

Scott Collins is an engineer, public speaker, technical evangelist,
and one of the voices of the Open Source community.  As a key
participant and contributor to the Mozilla project since its
inception, he first came into the public spotlight in PBS' documentary
"Code Rush", chronicling Netscape's push to Open Source its pioneering
browser.  His depth, approachability, and unique gift to clearly
communicate even the most challenging concepts have made him a popular
speaker around the globe on topics from the technical to the
historical, social, and political ... often all in the same speech,
illuminating the connections between.

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