"The Democratization of Cartography", NUUG-presentasjon 2005-05-12

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Tue Apr 26 10:08:14 CEST 2005

Norsk Unix System Brukers Forening (NUUG) inviterer til medlemsmøte i
NUUG Oslo. Alle medlemmer og ikke-medlemmer er velkomne. Arrangementet
er gratis. Etter foredraget (fra ca. 20:30) blir det sosialt samvær.

  Tid:   Torsdag 12. mai 2005 kl. 18:30
  Sted:  Høgskolen i Oslo, HiO, - Vika, Cort Adelersgt. 30.

Denne gangen er temaet "The Democratization of Cartography":

  Until recently, geographic maps were a read-only medium, and
  cartography was the sole province of highly trained experts, due to
  the complexities of the task and the huge amounts of data typically
  involves. Today, thanks to Moore's Law, maps have become read/write,
  and mapmaking has become an activity that anyone can engage in,
  using commodity desktop hardware. However, digital cartography
  software has yet to catch up to the means of the hardware it runs
  on. Schuyler Erle will speak for as long as possible about global
  positioning, cartography, geospatial analysis using Free Software,
  both on the desktop and on the web, reviewing the state of the art,
  and looking ahead to where Free GIS software needs to go. He will
  also address the crucial issue of geospatial data access, covering
  the available sources of free data, with a bit of discussion about
  what can be done when the data you want *isn't* free.

Schuyler Erle is a hacker, cartographer, and activist bent on making
the world a better place through Free Software, or else. He and his
wife Jo Walsh crusade for truth, justice, and open geospatial data
from their secret hideout in London. With their co-author Rich Gibson,
they have written a book for O'Reilly entitled "[1]Mapping Hacks",
due to be published next month.

  1. http://mappinghacks.com/

Inngangen til skolen er 15 meter fra trikkeholdeplassen Vikatorvet.
Skolen har egen parkeringsplass mellom skolen og Ruseløkka skole, men
det er svært begrenset plass på denne.

Mer informasjon om hvordan du finner frem på:

Heng gjerne opp reklameplakaten for dette arrangementet på din
arbeidsplass, studieplass eller hvor det måtte passe. Vi har den
tilgjengelig både i [2]PostScript-, [3]PDF- og [4]LaTeX-format.

  2. http://www.nuug.no/aktiviteter/20050512-cartography/banner.ps
  3. http://www.nuug.no/aktiviteter/20050512-cartography/banner.pdf
  4. http://www.nuug.no/aktiviteter/20050512-cartography/banner.tex

Vel møtt!

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