My personal fight against the modern laptop - NUUG-møte 2019-12-10

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Mon Dec 9 21:40:48 CET 2019

Minner NUUGs desembermøte, som finner sted i morgen tirsdag:

> Norwegian Unix User Group (NUUG) inviterer til medlemsmøte i NUUG Oslo.
> Alle medlemmer og ikke-medlemmer er velkomne. Arrangementet er
> gratis. Etter foredraget (fra ca. 19:30) blir det sosialt samvær.
>   Tid:   Tirsdag 10. desember 2019 kl. 18.30
>   Sted:  Teknologihuset, 3.etg, liten sal Pilestredet 56, Oslo.
> Månedens tema er: «My personal fight against the modern laptop» med
> Hamish Coleman. Foredraget vil foregå på engelsk. Kort om forelesningen:
>   This talk will take you through some tools and techniques I used to
>   reverse engineer the keyboard controller in my Thinkpad x230 laptop.
>   I was driven to start this project when the laptops currently on sale
>   just did not meet my requirements. Even the durable Thinkpad laptops I
>   preferred in the past are being dumbed down. Eventually, I will need a
>   new laptop - and with the available offerings, I just do not want
>   anything that currently can be purchased off the shelf.
>   To keep the project achievable, I reduced my gripes to just the
>   keyboard - asking the question: "Can I shoehorn an older keyboard in a
>   modern laptop?"
>   Taking you through UEFI, ARCompact CPUs, Firmware Reversing, big
>   structure dumping, SMM and custom virtual machines to answer that with
>   "maybe."
>   I hope to inspire others to address their hardware gripes too - and
>   offer some tools and the confidence that they can.
> Hamish hacks hardware, software and organizes the Dim Sum Labs
> hackerspace in Hong Kong. He has always liked to bend hardware to his
> will, which led to a career as a Systems Programmer and means that he is
> always trying to understand what he can see inside the case. Hamish
> currently lives in Hong Kong - tiny living with his many tiny computers.
> Medlemsmøtet vil også bli direktesendt over internett, adressen til
> videostrømmen er < > som du kan åpne i
> nettleseren eller direkte i mediaavspilleren. For mer informasjon se
> egen side om direktesending av video.
> Minner forøvrig om NUUGs IRC-kanal #nuug på,
> mailinglisten aktive at for diskusjon om aktiviteten i NUUG og at
> NUUGs kalender er tilgjengelig på iCalender-format via
> < >.
> Vel møtt!
> -- 
> Stig Palmquist <stig at>

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