My personal fight against the modern laptop - NUUG-møte 2019-12-10

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Fri Nov 15 15:26:10 CET 2019

Norwegian Unix User Group (NUUG) inviterer til medlemsmøte i NUUG Oslo.

Alle medlemmer og ikke-medlemmer er velkomne. Arrangementet er
gratis. Etter foredraget (fra ca. 19:30) blir det sosialt samvær.

  Tid:   Tirsdag 10. desember 2019 kl. 18.30
  Sted:  Teknologihuset, 3.etg, liten sal Pilestredet 56, Oslo.

Månedens tema er: «My personal fight against the modern laptop» med
Hamish Coleman. Foredraget vil foregå på engelsk. Kort om forelesningen:

  This talk will take you through some tools and techniques I used to
  reverse engineer the keyboard controller in my Thinkpad x230 laptop.

  I was driven to start this project when the laptops currently on sale
  just did not meet my requirements. Even the durable Thinkpad laptops I
  preferred in the past are being dumbed down. Eventually, I will need a
  new laptop - and with the available offerings, I just do not want
  anything that currently can be purchased off the shelf.

  To keep the project achievable, I reduced my gripes to just the
  keyboard - asking the question: "Can I shoehorn an older keyboard in a
  modern laptop?"

  Taking you through UEFI, ARCompact CPUs, Firmware Reversing, big
  structure dumping, SMM and custom virtual machines to answer that with

  I hope to inspire others to address their hardware gripes too - and
  offer some tools and the confidence that they can.

Hamish hacks hardware, software and organizes the Dim Sum Labs
hackerspace in Hong Kong. He has always liked to bend hardware to his
will, which led to a career as a Systems Programmer and means that he is
always trying to understand what he can see inside the case. Hamish
currently lives in Hong Kong - tiny living with his many tiny computers.

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Vel møtt!

Stig Palmquist <stig at>

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