Free Software for Fabrication - 2022-06-07 medlemsmøte i NUUG Oslo

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Tue Jun 7 09:41:48 CEST 2022

Minner om dagens faglig-sosiale NUUG-samling.  Etter det faglige blir
det leskende drikke og kanskje mat på egnet sted..

> Norwegian Unix User Group (NUUG) inviterer til medlemsmøte.
>   Tid:  Tirsdag 7. juni 2022 kl 18:30
>   Sted: Møterom Kim, Rebel (Teknologihuset 2.0), Universitetsgata 2, Oslo.
> Møterom Kim er opp trappen til andre etasje, sving til venstre, og gå
> LANGT bortover gangen.
> Møtet vil også bli direktesendt over internett, samt direkte på
> <https://>. For mer informasjon se
> <> om NUUGs
> direktesendinger.
> NUUG inviterer medlemmer og andre interesserte til faglig foredrag med
> påfølgende diskusjon. Arrangementet er gratis.
> Månedens tema er: «Free Software for Fabrication» med Sebastian
> Kuzminsky.  Foredraget vil foregå på engelsk. Kort om presentasjonen:
>   Fabrication machinery such as 3D printers and CNC mills & lathes have
>   become relatively inexpensive and accessible to hobbyists and groups
>   like schools and hack spaces. This presentation outlines the software
>   stack needed to make use of these machines, the interfaces between the
>   layers, and the current state of some of the free software projects in
>   this space.
>   Modern automated fabrication technologies take a drawing or model of a
>   part and produce a physical copy of that part. Fabrication
>   technologies can be divided into two broad categories: additive and
>   subtractive. Additive machines (3D printers) build the part up from
>   nothing, by adding material to shape the part. Subtractive machines
>   (mills, lathes, laser cutters, etc) start with a chunk of raw material
>   and remove everything that's not included in the part.
>   A human makes a model of the part they want using a Computer Aided
>   Design (CAD) program such as FreeCAD, SolveSpace, OpenSCAD, Blender,
>   or Inkscape.  The data file describing the part is processed with
>   Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software such as FreeCAD, PyCAM,
>   Cura, or Slic3r to generate machine-specific instructions for
>   physically fabricating the part.  Finally, the CAM instructions are
>   fed to machine control software such as LinuxCNC, Machinekit, RepRap,
>   or Klipper, which drives a machine to produce the part.
>   This presentation will demo robust, capable free software
>   implementations of all three of these layers.
> Sebastian Kuzminsky is a software engineer with an interest in free
> software and personal fabrication technology. He has been working with
> Linux computers that do stuff in the real world since the 1990s. He is
> an active developer on the LinuxCNC project. When not coding he like to
> play Go and run.
> Alle medlemmer og ikke-medlemmer er velkomne.  Vurdér også å melde deg
> inn i NUUG slik at vi kan arrangere enda flere spennende foredrag.
> Vi minner forøvrig om NUUGs IRC-kanal #nuug på, epostlisten
> aktive at for diskusjon om aktiviteten i NUUG og at NUUGs kalender
> er tilgjengelig på iCalender-format via
> <>.

Vel møtt!

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