Medlemsmte i NUUG Oslo 2024-03-12: FreeBSD and the absurdities of security compliance, med Eirik verby, p Rebel i Oslo

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Tue Jan 30 20:38:27 CET 2024

Medlemsmøte i NUUG Oslo: FreeBSD and the absurdities of security compliance,
med Eirik Øverby, på Rebel i Oslo FreeBSD and the absurdities of security

   Norwegian Unix User Group (NUUG) arrangerer medlemsmøte på Rebel i

          Tirsdag 12. mars fra klokken 18:30 til 21:00
          Kim-rommet på Teknologihuset, [22]Universitetsgata 2, Oslo.


   Møtet vil også bli direktesendt over internett, se linken øverst til
   høyre i dette nettleservinduet.

   NUUG inviterer medlemmer og andre interesserte til faglig foredrag med
   påfølgende diskusjon. Arrangementet er gratis.

   Månedens tema er: «FreeBSD and the absurdities of security compliance»
   med Eirik Øverby. Foredraget vil foregå på engelsk.
   Kort om presentasjonen:

     Vi i NUUG har gleden av å få besøk av Eirik Øverby fra Modirum som
     skal holde et foredrag for oss om FreeBSD og sikkerhet, med tittel
     FreeBSD and the absurdities of security compliance.

     Assume absurdity, embrace sanity. Welcome to The Blame Game.

     The world of security compliance is defined by a few key players:
     The ones writing the requirements, the ones covering their asses,
     and the ones who'll be blamed in the end. Since about 2008 we've
     been firmly placed in the latter category, and despite the obvious
     downsides it is, really, where we prefer to be.

     Security requirements pertaining to the payment industry include the
     various PCI standards, card system specific requirements, national
     and regional laws, regulations and directives, and whatever else
     comes to the minds of the various players. While there is sanity to
     be found in some of them, there is also plenty of absurdity. It is
     this, above all, that leads us to use the term "The Blame Game"
     about it all.

     We do pretty much everything with FreeBSD. From routers (bsdrp) and
     firewalls (opnSense) to application- and database servers;ff we're
     running FreeBSD everywhere. The only closed-source software we
     employ are our own applications (boo!). Our basic principle has
     always been to identify the root cause of a security requirement and
     then comply in a way that goes beyond "ticking the box"; whatever we
     do has to be useful and practical - and not something we're ashamed
     to talk about.

     What we want to show:

     * Compliance is much harder than security

     * but not because the tools can't do it

     * Open Source, and FreeBSD, CAN be used to achieve compliance in the
       payment industry
     * If you implement sane security measures, compliance is nearly free

     * The hardest part is explaining what you've done and why

   Om foredragsholder:
   Model `77, Slackware-gone-BSD in the early 00s, escaped the dying world
   of OS/2 to be doomed to death by Netcraft for another decade. Now
   managing jailed (but not dead!) systems for a living and as a hobby.
   Mid-life crisis topic: Retro PCs.

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