[NUUG jobbmarked] Software Engineer / Embedded Development

Rolf Ulrich Isachsen rui at witelcom.com
Tue Feb 19 10:14:03 CET 2008

Witelcom AS in Moss is looking for a software engineer for development 
on embedded systems:

Job description/responsibilities:
We are looking for a person to join our Software Development team, to 
execute a state-of-the-art Platform/Driver development project in the 
wireless communication field. Candidates must be familiar with Embedded 
Software Development Process, Methodologies and tools with a proven 
track record of design, development and testing for a complex embedded 
software development project that led to a successful product. 
Proficiency in C/C++, Embedded OS Linux and Device Drivers for Embedded 
Platform is required.

Experience in the following areas of expertise is desired:

    * Technical leadership in designing SW infrastructure and methodology.
    * SW Development experience with ARM, MIPS, XScale or
      similar embedded processor cores.
    * Development and debugging tools/software.
    *  Knowledge of various RTOS like vxWorks, Embedded Linux, uClinux, 
ThreadX, Nucleus and QNX.
    * Device driver software development for Ethernet, Flash, USB, I2C, 
    * Knowledge of cross-development environments and source code 
control for Embedded Software Development.
    * Experience in Board Support Package (BSP) development for HW 
platforms based on Embedded Cores like ARM and MIPS.

Experience in the following areas as well is beneficial but not required:

    * Knowledge of media access control (MAC) for wireless or wired 
    * Development experience with RF and Baseband Drivers for Wireless 
    * Experience with wireless network protocol 802.11 or 802.16.

You can find us here: http://www.witelcom.com
Interested? - please send us an e-mail with contact info to:  
info at witelcom.com 

Witelcom AS
Rolf Ulrich Isachsen
Senior engineer

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