[NUUG kart] Stedsnavn og kommunenavn - bruk av "place"

Edward Welbourne eddy at chaos.org.uk
Tue Apr 1 23:36:44 CEST 2008

> 'municipality' er vel den offisielle oversettelsen av kommune ?

Bare hvis kommunen er en by !

A municipality is definitely urban; and my understanding of your
discussion was that it concerned the case of a kommune with no central

In general, even if a kommune has a town, it makes sense to mark it:
when the map is zoomed right out, it won't show small-scale features
like small towns, but can show a neat map labelling each kommune.  I
think the suggestion to use county for kommune and region for fylke is
about as good as you can get, although region is probably meant to be
used on the scale of the division between Sørland, Vestland, Østland and
Nord Norge.  The other approach you could take is to use region for
these major divisions, county for the fylke and parish for the kommune,
if place=parish is one of the units on offer.  In England the parish was
originally the unit of land containing one church, although there are
now civil parishes that serve (almost no) administrative functions.


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