[NUUG kart] Importing GNS data for Svalbard

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Wed Oct 8 12:10:23 CEST 2008

At 10:57 PM 7/10/2008, Gustav Foseid wrote:
>On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 10:13 PM, Dag Bjerkeli <<mailto:dag at jodalin.org>dag at jodalin.org> wrote:  
>I had a quick look at the data for Bjørnøya, south of Svalbard. Most of 
>the names there were placed in a clear grid. 
>With the disclaimer of not knowing the locality of Bjørnøya well, this 
>did not look correct.
>I am also wondering where these names come from. The Norwegian Polar Institute have some maps available online. See for instance <http://www.miljo.npolar.no/temakart/images/maps/Bjornoya_50.jpg>http://www.miljo.npolar.no/temakart/images/maps/Bjornoya_50.jpg
>I have, of course, never been to Bjørnøya, but judging from the map, I am a bit surprised that we know have around 15 named islands around there. What is now named, seems more like rocks than islands, and most of them are inland... Add to that the names are imported as being in "Svalbard", which is positively false.
>On the maps and databases published by The Norwegian Polar Institute, I have found no copyright information. Most of the data also seems to be avaialable in a number of formats. Does this indicvate, that we here have something as rare as a Norwegian Public Domain datasource?

Thank you Gustav for your message summarising your findings on GNS data in Norway.  It is a shame the hard work did not produce a positive result for you but very useful none the less.

The geological map above brings back some good memories of university days for me.  I notice that it is based on an 1882 and 1992 terrain base map by the same institute so I guess any copyright on that applies.    

I did a little experiment and compared every GNS Bjørnøya island.  Any that I could not find on the map (2) or appeared to be mistranscribed (1), I deleted.  I then repositioned the remaining GNS islands (23) as best I could against the OSM digitised coastline using the institute map as a guide.  This creates an interesting situation.  Am I or am I not violating any Norwegian Polar Institute copyright since the names and existence comes from another source??

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