[NUUG kart] Falske buss- og T-banelinjer

Vidar Gundersen vibrog+osm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 08:29:55 CET 2012

Noen som vet noe om det er lover mot "datamaskinsabotasje" i Norge?
Jfr. dette fra Data Working Group.

Before we contact the user, could you do me us favour and check if
Norway has some kind of "computer sabotage" law? Most EU countries
have laws that say something along the lines of "if you use someone
else's computers outside of what they allow you to do, then this is a
punishable offense" or so. If you have such a law, and ideally a link
to an online resource, I would include that in my message to Bilal101,
for better effect.

[Ticket#2012021610000014] User vandalising public transport in Oslo, Norway

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