[NUUG kart] Import of administrative boundaries and addresses from the national mapping agency in Norway

Gnonthgol gnonthgol at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 18:51:02 CEST 2013

The Norwegian mapping agency (kartverket) published some of their data 
under CC BY on 2013-09-27. They require attribution "­(c) Kartverket" 
where feasible. As we and they interpret this is that OSM can import the 
data as long as we give attribution in the changeset source tag.

The first and easiest datasets to import is the administrative 
boundaries and the addresses. We have discussed this import at the 
Norwegian mailing list for over a week and I have created a set of osm 
files for what I suggest to import that is located at < 
http://fribyte.uib.no/osm/Kartverket_import_addresses_admin.tar.bz2 >.

The administrative boundaries in osm today are from previous imports 
from the agency but are based processed vector maps for printing at a 
low zoom level. The new data is much better quality. I even had to run 
"simplify ways" on the data to make it manageable. The merging should be 
possible to do for one man in a couple of days as it mostly involves 
merging the tags of the ~450 relations, deleting the ways and nodes from 
the older imports and manual merging of the features that have been 
changed outside of those imports.

The addresses includes 1.7 million address points in Norway. The node 
placement policy is the same as in OSM (a node at the front door if 
known, else in the centre of the building). It is suspected that there 
are not that many addresses or building in OSM in Norway that a manual 
import is feasible. We will merge all ~450 municipalities one by one. 
The cities might be split further. This will take multiple people to 
help with as local knowledge is very helpful and the dataset is so large.

Any input or questions are very welcome. There are still more to discuss 
with the other datasets before we can think of importing them.


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