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Gnonthgol gnonthgol at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 21:46:17 CEST 2013

Den 16. okt. 2013 21:09, skreiv Christoph Hormann:
> I find this unlikely - take the width tag for the streams for example -
> of the 952434 waterways in the kartverket data set 841610 have
> a 'vannbr' or 2, the rest 3, 2 is used for waterways hardly visible in
> Bing images (i.e. < 1m) up to at least about 5m width.  Quite obviously
> this attribute does not (at least not properly) indicate the width in
> meters, especially since it would not make any sense not to have any
> waterways less than 2m wide in a 50k topographic map.  You would not
> tag these values if you were mapping based on Bing images or local
> knowledge.

The VANNBR tag in the data is not the width in meters, but a code for 
the width of the river. Code 2 is 1-3m and code 3 is 3-15m wide. I have 
found this tag to be misleading as it is changed due to aesthetic 
reasons in the data. (N50 is a vector layer intended for rendering)

> malemetode [various values between 18 and 92]
This is also a code that you can look up in a huge table that lists the 
different ways they collect data (measured with different types of GPS, 
traced from areal photographs, measured with a yardstick, etc.). It is 
an indication of accuracy.
> noyaktighet [100..5000 in certain intervals]
This is the measured accuracy in cm.
> Bog is usually only used for wetlands producing peat.  If the
> classification of 'myr' in the kartverket data refers to the same would
> need to be determined.  Unless there are other wetlands in the data set
> which are not 'myr' this is doubtful though.  Bogs are widespread in
> Norway but certainly not the only kind of wetland that exists there.
The definition of mire in the documentation is an open landscape with 
"mire vegitation", that usually refers to peat. This is by far the most 
common type of wetland in Norway. There are no other form of wetland in 
the data, however I think that wetlands that is not mire is classified 
as other types like forest, lake or open areas.


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