[NUUG kart] [Imports] kartverket imports to OpenStreetMap

Sverre Didriksen sverre.didriksen at usit.uio.no
Fri Oct 18 00:02:50 CEST 2013

Paul Norman wrote on 17.10.2013 00:30:09:

> > From: Tyrfing OSM [mailto:tyrfingosm at gmail.com] 
> > Subject: Re: [Imports] [NUUG kart] kartverket imports to OpenStreetMap
> > As Ramm mentioned the data sets from Kartverket are quite extensive. 
> > Parts of it might be suitable for importing (like admin borders or 
> > names). But that I think I will leave to those that actually (want 
> > to) do imports.
> ...
> > > It is the last of these that I'm writing to you about. A number of
> > > different users have conducted imports from "kartverket" data sets 
> > > the recent past. Many of these imports had technical problems - e.g.
> > > changesets filled with 50,000 nodes and thus very difficult to 
> > > or often we can see that people first imported something and then
> > > deleted half of it again, and so on.
> It is worth noting that this is my greatest concern, the people 
> importing data on a large scale without review by imports at . There may be 

> other issues with the smaller scale stuff, and some have been raised
> already,
> but the 50k node/changeset stuff by different people, and none of those
> people
> have come forwards to the list. 

I used to like working with OSM, but after my user was blocked I don't. 
Hopefully it will come back. So for now I will leave the import to you 

I don't know if your example with the 50 000 nodes was mine, but just in 
case; you of all should know that it failed because my user was blocked by 
you. The nodes are always transfered first and the ways and relations etc 
at the end. So a break like that will always make it fail. And by the way, 
it was no problem reverting it.

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