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> Dato: 22. juni 2014 15:43:39 CEST
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> Emne: Re: [Imports] N50 imports from Kartverket (The Norwegian Mapping Authority)
>> On Sunday 22 June 2014, Tor wrote:
>> As far as I know, they are split that way in the SOSI files from
>> Kartverket. I agree that it’s best to merge them. I have no idea
>> about how to do that with OGR though.
> In principle dissolving all polygons in a file can be done through 
> something like
> ogr2ogr -explodecollections -dialect SQLite -sql "SELECT 
> ST_Union(geometry) FROM input" output.shp input.shp
> If you only want to merge elements with certain attributes you need some 
> more SQL magic with 'group by'.
>> Not in the N50 Arealdekke dataset as far as I know. The names are in
>> a separate N50 dataset. It has been discussed on the Norwegian
>> mailing list, and people agreed that it would be better to import
>> names from the original source, the place name register (sentralt
>> stadnamnregister, SSR).
> Well - it is of course up to you but if there are matching data sets it 
> is usually easier to attach names to certain features and then import 
> the whole thing than add name tags to existing OSM elements later when 
> they might have already been modified manually.
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