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Edward Welbourne eddy at chaos.org.uk
Thu Jan 14 23:02:24 CET 2016

> Den 14. jan. 2016 21:10, Arne Johannessen skreiv:
>> This question is in my view fundamentally about whether the
>> characteristics of a fjord are distinct in a way that precludes
>> calling it a bay. The definition of a bay however is so general that
>> I'd say *every* fjord is a bay. Therefore natural=bay + bay=fjord
>> would seem logical to me.

Gnothgol svart:
> Eg ser også problemet med å finne ein god definisjon mellom fjord og bukt.

A bay may be (almost) arbitrarily broad [0]: a long stretch of coast
just barely curved with the middle inland relative to the ends may be
called a bay.  Anglic's borrowing of "fjord" has it be a glacial
feature, definitely hemmed in on the sides by the land (usually "between
high cliffs" as Oxford suggests, but not necessarily) -
c.f. Slartibartfast's remarks on his work in HHGTTG.  This does not
appear entirely unfaithful to the Norse usage.  Any fjord is a bay; not
all bays are fjords.

[0] https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/54.4265/-0.5122&layers=Q
    It's called "Robin Hood's Bay" (as is a village on it).
    It is not a fjord.  I'm sure one could find more extreme examples.

Thus fjord is a sub-type of bay, for all that it may be tricky to pin
down just exactly how to delineate what counts as a fjord.

>> Beklager svar på engelsk.

I like måte.  Jeg er ikke sikker om jeg kan erklarer akkurat hva jeg
mener på norsk ...


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