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I løpet av sommeren satt vi inn en solid innsats på nikita GUI.
Oppdatert GUI finnes nå på:

Dette er bygget med bootstrap rammeverket.

Du kan logge på som gjest at Husk å logge på med
rolle arkivar. Dette skal brukes med førsteårs arkivstudentene utover

Jeg fikk også tilsendt følgende info om prosjekter som kanskje er
relevant for nikita, men som i hvertfall er relevant for fagfeltet.

- Thomas

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Posted on behalf of a non-subscriber.


Dear All 


We’re delighted that the infographics from the RecordDNA network are now
produced. These were produced in part through crowdsourcing from this
listserv and we are grateful for all the input we had. These outputs are
aimed at difference audiences and stakeholders and for different
purposes. _They are *free* to download at the links below_. In summary
they are:

 1. A briefing which sets out steps for developing an R&D agenda to
    sustain the digital evidence base through time. Available
 2. Managing your digital footprint, a roadmap to engage a range of
 3. Visions of a record capturing differing stakeholder perspectives on
    what today is a record. The discussion of what a record is is
    at  and
    then three different visions are
    at , and .
    We are interested in gaining further perspectives and views either
    directly (e.lomas at <mailto:e.lomas at>), on this
    listserv or on our blog as a
    comment .


Attached are digital copies for your immediate use. However glossy
hardcopies are available – if you would like these then please email
(e.lomas at <mailto:e.lomas at>) */the address you would
like them posted to/* and let us know if you would like more for any


We hope you will be pleased with the outputs, that you will share them
widely via your own networks and will use them yourself and encourage
others to use them. We hope the work leads to further research and


Thank you all again for your input.


Best wishes

Elizabeth Lomas and Julie McLeod


( <>)


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