[NUUG video] Teksting av film, på wiki

Hans-Petter Fjeld atluxity at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 16:24:37 CET 2009

Wikimedia Technical Blog har en artig artikkel om hvordan de tenker å
løse teksting av filmer på MediaWiki-platformen.

For a long time people have requested subtitle support for mediaWiki
embed videos and at this meeting we were finally able to sit down and
hack up an initial solution. The system works by putting the srt files
into the wiki so people can collaborate on translation and
contribution. The naming scheme is “TimedText” followed by the file
name followed by the language code followed by .srt . We include a
basic editor to upload srt files and switch between between languages.
We presently display the subtitles on the side of the video but they
should make there way below the video soon. There are lots of
supporting projects to work on if anyone is interested ;)


Jeg skal prøve å snuse mer på det.

-- HP

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