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Creative Commons Salon:

Welcome to the Future of Money tour, in Oslo 6. may 2011!

Free culture and free pizza to the people!


"The Future of Money" is the title of a telepresently produced
Creative Commons licensed short film (07:32), in which young
founders are interviewed about their projects and their view of
money -- with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship and "hacking
the money system" (by creating and using free and open

What are young adults thinking about money and value? How can we
create new systems of wealth generation and abundance? What does
the future hold for banks and other financial institutions in the
wake of massive peer to peer exchange?
"The Future of Money" begins a conversation on these topics and
invites your participation.
See the short film here:


The Future of Money tour is initiated by the Cloudberry Project, a
collaboration of the Nordic Creative Commons organizations.
( http://cloudberry.cc/ )

The idea is to have a Creative Commons Salon spanning as many
countries as possible in a week, as Gabriel Shalom from
KS12/Emergence Collective (film maker, entrepreneur from the US)
and Jay Cousins (entrepreneur in social technology, human
interaction, technology trends, product hacking, open everything,
disrupting technologies and systems; from the UK) -- they are both
living in Berlin -- travel to all the Nordic countries and then
some, joining forces with local speakers in each country.

(Here is a little trailer for the whole tour with all countries:
http://vimeo.com/22903587 )


In Oslo, the Creative Commons salon is a collaboration between
Creative Commons Norway and EFN and takes place on 6. may, at
19:00-22:00 in Ole Johan Dahl's house (the new informatics
building). The street address is Gaustadalleen 23 B, and it takes
place in seminar room "Python" (room number 2269), the
northern-most room on the second floor.

NB: Please use the Northern entrance (the entrance nearest to the
tram stop) to enter the building; this entrance is in the "tower"
or tallest part of the building.


Official description (in Norwegian):

More detailed description for arriving by public transport:

Picture of the building:

When you arrive, please use the Northern entrance (the entrance
nearest to the tram stop) to enter the building; this entrance is
in the "tower" or tallest part of the building.

Here is a close-up picture of the "tower":

Note the bridge (black) on the bottom of the tower which leads to
the northern entrance beneath the tower. Use the entrance on your
right hand side.

For any questions or assistance call Thomas Gramstad at 4817 6875.


Attendance of the Creative Commons Salon is free and gratis, and
open to everybody, but we need you to register in order to know
roughly how many people will come and how many pizzas to order.
Yes, the pizza is free and gratis too. Also, if you are a
vegetarian, please let us know.

Sign up for the event by replying to this e-mail or send an E-mail
to thomas at ifi.uio.no with Subject: "Registration CC Salon" (or
"Påmelding CC Salon").


19:00  Introduction by Thomas Gramstad:
       What is Creative Commons? And what is this event about?
19:15  Arne Øgaard: Penger og frihet -- om bruk av penger til å
       fremme sosial og kulturell utvikling
       (This speech will be delivered in Norwegian; there will be
       a summary in English.)
20:00  Pause + pizza
20:15  Lars Hektoen: Value-based banking
20:45  Gabriel Shalom & Jay Cousins: The Future of Money
21:30  Discussion between audience and panel of speakers
22:00  Closing


Gabriel Shalom (@gabrielshalom) is a videomusician, director and
creative producer living and working in Berlin, Germany. He is the
co-founder of KS12, a creative studio which produces original
transmedia narratives. He is a regular contributor to
opinion-leading blogs on the future of cinema and augmented
reality. His signature video artwork takes the form of
rhythmically edited audiovisual compositions. He has been an
artist in residence at the ZKM | Karlsruhe. He has been a guest
speaker on audiovisual trends in London, Berlin and São Paulo, and
since Spring 2009 he is adjunct faculty at the Berliner Technische
Kunsthochschule where he lectures on analog motion graphics.

Jay Cousins (@jaycousins) is a tinkerer, public speaker, and
facilitator of group collaboration. He is one of the initiators of
Open Design City, a collaborative workshop space at the Betahaus
in Berlin. He helped to instigate the DMY Maker Lab and was both
fellow and emcee of the Palomar5 innovation camp. In addition to
his work creating and disrupting events, he has managed an
international distribution and manufacturing network, and
developed products from inception to market on a global scale.
He's passionate about linking ideas, thoughts, people and

Arne Øgaard har gjennom 10 år vært norsk redaktør i tidsskriftet
Pengevirke som utgis i samarbeid mellom de etiske bankene Cultura
i Norge og Merkur i Danmark. Han var allerede fra midten av
80-tallet med på det forberedende arbeidet som førte til
opprettelsen av Cultura Lånesamvirke, et forstadium til Cultura
Sparebank. Han var i mange år leder av forstanderskapet i
Sparebanken og det tilsvarende organet i Lånesamvirket. I dag
sitter han i styret i Cultura Sparebank. Han er utdannet
ernæringsfysiolog og adjunkt i realfag og arbeider på
Steinerskolens videregående trinn i Moss. Han er aktiv skribent og
samfunnsdebattant. Han har utgitt to bøker om hyperaktive barn og
tilsetningsstoffer og boka "Mennesket er usynlig - mitt møte med

Thomas Gramstad is a freelance writer, translator and amateur
musician, president of the digital civil rights organization
Electronic Frontier Norway (efn.no), and works at the Informatics
Library in Oslo. He is also a board member of FriBit (fribit.no)
and a member of the working group of Creative Commons Norway
(creativecommons.no). He is an activist for free culture and free
software, publishes his work with free licenses, and contributes
to many free culture projects, including Genero, Cultural
pioneers, and the Nordic Creative Commons collaborative project
Cloudberry, where he is project lead for Norway.

Lars Hektoen is CEO of Cultura Bank (since 2003), the only
Norwegian bank in the area of value-based banking / ethical
banking. He was a co-founder of the bank in 1996 and has served on
the advisory board and the board of directors and as head of the
bank's control committee. Lars started his career in banking and
finance in 1975. Former jobs include leading the ABB Treasury
Center USA Inc. and ABB Financial Services Norway as well as
Manufacturers Hanover Bank (Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank)
as Managing Director in charge of capital markets activities. He
has a MA degree in business and economics from the University of
St. Gall in Switzerland.

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Thomas Gramstad
thomas at efn.no / thomas at ifi.uio.no

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