[NUUG video] Our Tubes! The Media Goblin 0.2.0 release!

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Thu Jan 19 11:01:56 CET 2012

Er dette noen for videogruppen i NUUG?

[Deborah Nicholson]
> Welcome to Our Tubes! The 0.2.0 release enables you to turn on video and run
> your own HTML5 video hosting site! Whose tubes? Our Tubes!
> ***Media Goblin is a GNU project! We're building an AGPL-licensed federated
> multi-media hosting platform. Find out more here, http://mediagoblin.org/ or
> check out the code repository here, http://gitorious.org/mediagoblin/
> mediagoblin ***
> We've posted an example video that's been transcoded and uploaded using
> MediaGoblin. The magic comes from GStreamer! http://mediagoblin.org/news/
> mediagoblin-0.2.0-our-tubes.html
> Video hosting is standards compliant! That means you need a
> standards-compliant browser like a recent Firefox or Chromium to see video.
> (If you aren't seeing anything, go upgrade your browser.) Video is resource
> intensive and requires extra dependencies, like GStreamer so it's disabled by
> default. If you want to run a video hosting site for your friends and family,
> now you can! Check ut these docs, http://docs.mediagoblin.org/media-types.html
> #video
> MediaGoblin's big picture goal is to support loads of different media types,
> so video is just the beginning. In the near future MediaGoblin will be able
> host slide sharing, three dimensional model uploading and viewing, even ascii
> art. You can already check out this experimental branch, https://github.com/
> jwandborg/mediagoblin/tree/ascii-media-type showcasing some rad ascii art.
> What else? This month we fixed it so that when you resize an uploaded image,
> it retains the same file format. PNG images are still PNG images and GIFs are
> still GIFs. This is particularly good news for fans of semi-transparent PNGs.
> There were also some small styling improvements this month, including better
> navigation. Take a look, http://mediagoblin.org/blog_images/
> mediagoblin_0.2.0_cat_spider_transparent.png
> With our MediaGoblin instance hosters in mind, we made it a little easier to
> customize stuff and we also improved the documentation for larger volume
> instances, especially video hosters, http://docs.mediagoblin.org/
> production-deployments.html
> Thank you to everyone who helped with Our Tubes! We had some new folks join
> the project this month (Yay!!) and there was lots of great work and support
> from our returning contributors. We're especially grateful to the people who
> stepped up to review each other's code this month. Best. Team. EVER.
> Seriously! Give a round of applause to: Aaron Williamson, Christopher Allan
> Webber, Corey Farwell, Deborah Nicholson, Elrond of Samba TNG, Jakob Kramer,
> Jef van Schendel, Joar Wandborg, Larisa Hoffenbecker, Manuel Urbano Santos,
> Nathan Yergler, Pablo J. Urbano Santos, Sam Kleinman, Will Kahn-Greene, Pierre
> Geoffroy, Harry Chen, George Pop, Aleksej Serdjukov, osc (transifex.net), and
> martin (transifex.net). Thanks folks... we couldn't have done it without you.
> (PS: It's possible we missed you; if so let us know and we'll correct this
> post.)
> What next? More media types! And we've got a roadmap for federation now. Look
> out uncharted territory of decentralized web, we're coming! In fact, enough
> new stuff is on the horizon at MediaGoblin to warrant its own whole post. Be
> sure to check back in with us soon. Or if you like spoilers, come see us in
> IRC (#mediagoblin on freenode.net) and see who you can shake down for hints of
> what's coming next. Better yet, infiltrate us and find out http://
> mediagoblin.org/pages/join.html, from the inside.
> Cheers,
> The Media Goblin Team
Vennlig hilsen
Petter Reinholdtsen

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