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Tue Apr 26 00:56:13 CEST 2016

Lenker til videoer med CC-lisenser.

Kanskje aktuelle for Frikanalen?


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Mange spennende og aktuelle videolenker her.


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Henry George School of Chicago is an independent nonprofit school of political 
economy, teaching primarily based on works of Henry George and others with 
compatible ideas. Our operations use mainly open source software.

We'll be showing some videos dealing with open source, what it is, why it's 
essential for security, and how ill-conceived government practices prevent it. 
The program will be of interest to Georgists who want to learn more about how 
“intellectual” “property” interests restrict our freedom, to open source 
advocates concerned about the broader political economy in which we live, and 
to everyone concerned about freedom and security. It is of course open to the 
public without charge.

location: 30 E Adams #1207, Chicago 60603, USA
information: hgchicago.org/events
Date & Time: Tuesday May 3, 5pm to 8:30.
email contact: info at hgchicago.org
voice phone: 312 450 2906

The tentative list of videos we'll see:


      /User Liberation /(introduction to software freedom, without an obvious
      title) Free Software Foundation (2:53)

    * /Freedom in my Heart: Lessons from a Cyborg Lawyer/ Karen Sandler (48:34)
    * /Why is Free Software Important/ Richard Stallman (7:28)
    * /Kill All DRM Software in the World Forever, Within a Decade /Cory
      Doctorow (58:27)
    * /Clouds of Loving Grace: the other war on general-purpose computing
      /Alistair Croll (9:28)
    * /Fighting Back in the War on General Purpose Computers/ Cory Doctorow

All of these are cc-licensed.  Thanks for the creators and to FSF for making 
this event possible.

I'll be facilitating discussions between and/or behind the videos. I'm an 
instructor at the School, equally unqualified to discuss software and law.

I will put this information on the Libreplanet wiki whenever I figure out how 
to do that.

-- Chuck Metalitz
       Henry George School/Chicago

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