Medlemsmøte 2005-09-13 kl. 19:00: Quality Issues in Free Software Projects - Martin Michlmayr

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Mon Sep 12 17:03:37 CEST 2005

On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 04:11:56PM +0200, Knut Ingvald Dietzel wrote:
> Oslo Linux User Group (OLUG) inviterer gamle, nye og ikke medlemmer til
> åpent og gratis medlemsmøte:
>   tirsdag 13 september klokken 19:00
> Sted vil bli annonsert senere.

Foredraget vil bli holdt her:
  Lille Auditorium i Informatikkbygget,
  Institutt for informatikk,
  Universitetet i Oslo,
  Gaustadalléen 23


> Martin Michelmayr, forrige leder for Debian prosjektet, startet i januar
> 2004 på et PhD prosjekt om emnet kvalitetssikring i frie
> programvareprosjekt ved Centre for Technology Management, University of
> Cambridge:
>   Quality Issues in Free Software Projects
>   It is sometimes argued that free software and open source projects are
>   generally of higher quality than proprietary software.  While there is
>   good evidence that the high amount of peer review typical in many free
>   software projects contributes to quality, there are also a large
>   number of issues which have to be addressed.
>   Development in free software projects is carried out in a distributed
>   fashion and commonly performed by volunteers, which leads to unique
>   challenges that have to be faced.
>   This presentation will give an overview of common quality issues found
>   in both large and small free software projects.  It will also discuss
>   strategies and techniques which can be implemented in a free software
>   project to ensure quality and to maintain a stable quality process.
>   Finally, insights from traditional software engineering will be
>   applied to free software projects.
>   <URL:>
> Plakat for møtet:
>   <URL:>

Vel møtt i morgen!

for OLUG-styret
Knut Ingvald Dietzel
Styreleder, OLUG
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