[NUUG kart] NGA import.

Edward Welbourne eddy at chaos.org.uk
Mon Jul 7 23:37:07 CEST 2008

>> Vi bør bli enig, men bare at county=fylke. Det nærmeste enn har til
>> kommune i f.eks. USA er township. Township er ikke i josm.

> Det burde nok vært en tag for municipality, eller noe slikt. Kanskje noe å
> foreslå?

> For grenser er det jo nummererte nivåer, som kan mappes forskjellig fra land
> til land. Alt under "country" gir, etter min mening, lite mening i Norge :-(
> Er et norsk fylke et county (som det jo vanligvis oversettes med) eller en
> region?

It's a bit hard to say.  In England, county ranges in size from Rutland
(whose whole border has been ridden round on a horse in one day) to the
likes of Yorkshire and Northumberland, which are significant fractions
of the whole country.  In the USA, they sub-divide their states into
counties; do they describe the states as region=NY and similar in OSM ?
In Britain, we also have districts (sub-divisions of county) and
parishes (originally the catchment area of one church; but we now have
"civil parish" as an bureaucratic sub-division smaller than district,
only crudely matching the eclesiastical parishes).  There are civil
administrative authorities, with elected representatives, at the scale
of counties and districts.  Towns take the place of districts (there's a
town council instead of a district council) but largely function as

My impression is that norsk "kommune" sammenligner med English
"district", with "fylker" som "county"; "landsdeler" sammenligner best
med "region" (like Wales, Scotland and what might one day be Anglia).
So I think you'd be best to use kommune = district (even if OSM doesn't
presently use that in its schema) and fylke = county.


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