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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 10:05:03 CEST 2013

2013/7/12 Thomas Hirsch <Thomas.Hirsch at kartverket.no>

> - CC-BY 3.0 no, attribution “Kartverket”, explicit permission also granted.

is attribution in the OSM wiki (and changeset comments) sufficient to
satisfy the obligations? Permanent attribution on object level cannot be

> - Names will be conflated with existing elements where possible,
> overwriting existing names with the official and registered alternate
> spellings

IMHO you shouldn't overwrite in OSM existing names without local knowledge.
Better add the SSR-names as "official_name" in case of incongruences.

> ****
> - Single node elements will be created from the coordinates in the data
> set. ****
> - The effort will be split between volunteers from the Norwegian mailing
> list. ****
> - An official “fact sheet” is available for every element (linked open
> data). ****
> ** **
> Tagging Plans:****
> name=[main accepted and recommended name in SSR]****
> alt_name=[second accepted and recommended name in SSR]

-1, "name" in OSM is usually the name as local people use it and not the
name how it is "accepted" according to an official entity. Have you
discussed this issue with the local community and is there consensus to
accept SSR as the one and only instance for "correct" Norwegian names?

> ****
> source:name=Sentralt stadnamnregister, Kartverket ****
> no-kartverket-ssr:url=http://url-to-factsheet****
> no-kartverket-ssr:objid=12345****
> no-kartverket-ssr:date=2012-06-08

this metadata really should go on the changeset and not be tagged on object
level, at least source, no-kartverket-ssr:url and no-kartverket-ssr:date
tagging no-kartverket-ssr:objid is generally problematic, as it is not
clear what to do with these tags in case you change an object (split,
combine, etc.), tags like this generally tend to weigh on the db and not to
be re-used after the import.

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