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The Norwegian Mapping Authority has published an official list of place names (SSR).  The Norwegian community has started an initiative to import this data.

All information: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:source%3DKartverket
Summary below.

Names in Norway are particularly difficult to map, due to a multitude of official languages, dialects and spellings. The names on signs may not reflect the actual spelling, and differ from one sign to the other. The Mapping Authority has therefore received the mandate to manage a list of names for official use, the central place name register (Sentralt Stadnamnregister, SSR). For the same reasons, and because of low resolution aerial coverage, many of these places are missing in Norway altogether in OpenStreetMap.

We are in process of finalizing the import plan, and are at a point where we would love to get some input.

- CC-BY 3.0 no, attribution "Kartverket", explicit permission also granted.
- Manual import using conflation tools. Id tags allow for automatic tracking/updates afterwards.
- ca. 900.000 place names, all over Norway
- Names will be conflated with existing elements where possible, overwriting existing names with the official and registered alternate spellings
- Single node elements will be created from the coordinates in the data set.
- The effort will be split between volunteers from the Norwegian mailing list.
- An official "fact sheet" is available for every element (linked open data).

Tagging Plans:
name=[main accepted and recommended name in SSR]
alt_name=[second accepted and recommended name in SSR]
source:name=Sentralt stadnamnregister, Kartverket

SSR also contains an "object type" for every element, we are working on a translation table to osm tags, and will finalize it before starting the import.

Please point out any issues and raise constructive objections.
Thank you in advance for your input!


Thomas Hirsch
Senior Engineer
Geodata Services
Tel.: +47 321 18283
Email: thomas.hirsch at kartverket.no

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