[NUUG kart] Blocking user visa-import

Guttorm Flatabø post at guttormflatabo.com
Fri Jul 4 18:19:20 CEST 2014

Har ikkje du (eller andre) vore i kontakt med brukaren? Eg trur data at osm
gjerne kunne tenkt seg å vite om brukaren har blitt varsla om at han er
problematisk. Og om han ikkje har blitt varsla, så burde han jo bli det...

2014-07-04 17:58 GMT+02:00 Hans Olav Skogstad <hans-olav.skogstad at online.no>

> Hi.
> I wonder if it is possible to block/disable the user visa-import?
> A couple of months ago some if this users imports was discussed om the
> imports mailing list. Mostly, it is automated imports, and much of the
> data imported is of no use to osm-community (highway=* not connected to
> anything, duplicates and triplicates of waters and lakes etc.). Because of
> the duplicates/triplicates, the imports requires a lot of fixing to make
> the map "healthy" again. I have not had much time to look into it, but
> this [1] changeset contains some fixes. Unfortunately, i think even more
> could be deleted but i don't have enough local knowledge to know what is
> real and what might be historical data imported by mistake. Some of the
> data might even be ok....
> [1] https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/23953375
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