[NUUG kart] Yet another tool to convert kartverket data to OSM

Thomas Weidner thomas001le at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 11 01:24:39 CET 2015

TL;DR: yet another tool for converting .sos to .osm available under

Hello everybody,

first, sorry for writing in English here, but I do not speak any
Norwegian. Because I was a bit dissatisfied with the available OSM data
available for Norway (exactly the hiking path we wanted to take was not
in the maps!), I started to look for other free maps. I stumbled across
the free map data available from kartverket. Of cause, neither there
bitmap maps nor their map webpage was really useful. So I wanted to use
their vector data for my hiking purposes. There seemed to be no good
tool to convert SOSI files to OSM (yes there is sosi2osm, but it seemed
incomplete...why didn't I work on sosi2osm? good question...), so I
started writing a new tool as hobby project. This tool is now pretty
usable and understands nearly all information available in the freely
available "N50" map data. I created some nice maps of the area around
Ålesund for my Garmin GPS using it. :-)

You can have a look at the source (and get a precompiled .jar file) at

The mapping community also wants to import the N50 data into the
official OSM database, maybe this tool is helpful.

Please feel free to post your ideas about my project.

- Thomas

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