[NUUG kart] Yet another tool to convert kartverket data to OSM

Ruben Undheim ruben.undheim at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 11:26:07 CET 2015

Hi Thomas,

Great to see that new tools pop up! It seems like you've done a solid
job. I haven't been able to test your program yet, but I've looked
slightly at the code. That's what's so great with the open source
spirit - alternatives pop up - both giving users many options and also
facilitates learning both for the developer and the users.

I've been using sosi2osm a lot, and I'm very curious to know what you
find incomplete with it, because to me it feels quite complete. It
does the job it says it does - and it does it fast - in the true Unix
spirit. :p  But now as alternatives appear, I will have to evaluate
which tool is the best for the job (although there's a threshold for
me to switch since I already have quite a bit of "infrastructure"
using sosi2osm)

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

2015-01-11 1:24 GMT+01:00 Thomas Weidner <thomas001le at googlemail.com>:
> TL;DR: yet another tool for converting .sos to .osm available under
> https://github.com/thomas001/jsosiosm
> Hello everybody,
> first, sorry for writing in English here, but I do not speak any
> Norwegian. Because I was a bit dissatisfied with the available OSM data
> available for Norway (exactly the hiking path we wanted to take was not
> in the maps!), I started to look for other free maps. I stumbled across
> the free map data available from kartverket. Of cause, neither there
> bitmap maps nor their map webpage was really useful. So I wanted to use
> their vector data for my hiking purposes. There seemed to be no good
> tool to convert SOSI files to OSM (yes there is sosi2osm, but it seemed
> incomplete...why didn't I work on sosi2osm? good question...), so I
> started writing a new tool as hobby project. This tool is now pretty
> usable and understands nearly all information available in the freely
> available "N50" map data. I created some nice maps of the area around
> Ålesund for my Garmin GPS using it. :-)
> You can have a look at the source (and get a precompiled .jar file) at
> https://github.com/thomas001/jsosiosm.
> The mapping community also wants to import the N50 data into the
> official OSM database, maybe this tool is helpful.
> Please feel free to post your ideas about my project.
> - Thomas
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