[NUUG kart] Yet another tool to convert kartverket data to OSM

Håken Hveem krbjhvee at online.no
Sun Jan 11 14:44:49 CET 2015

This tool should perhaps be compatible with linux, as i am one of those
that tries not to use windows.
There is also a Python script here : http://pastebin.com/qUcH4mRe
It looks like it checks/compares data against the Elveg database.
There is also some challenge to include road blocks, the Elveg segments
must sometimes be splitted
because they are in the same place as a existing node that can be
merged, even there is some nodes
that have coordinates that are on a line between road nodes.
I believe that Geir Ove Myhr can explain this better.

At least, there is no good tools and example data that makes a import
from the Elveg database feasible.
In my opinion this must have priority,because the address database was
recently imported via voluntary communal work.
The status is available here:

On 11. jan. 2015 14:09, Gnonthgol wrote:
> Den 11. jan. 2015 13:45, Thomas Weidner skreiv:
> > Yes, I totally plead guilty of NIH syndrome here. One thing I did
> not seem to be possible with sosi2osm is collecting all roads and road
> route numbers and output a corresponding relation at the end. But
> then, at some point I stopped looking at it.
> This is not possible in sosi2osm. I thought about such cases and
> figured it was better to just postprocess the osm files in good tools
> rather then try to implement such tools myself. sosi2osm is only
> converting objects directly and allows you to run the tags through a
> lua script as the tags in SOSI is hiriarchical
> and even allows multiple values.
> > If sosi2osm is the project to go and you can maybe only copy some
> SOSI->OSM tag mapping from my source this would also be fine for me.
> Thank you.
> > Unfortunately Java has no nice way of switching the input encoding
> while reading the file, so I put it on the TODO list, but it should be
> fixed.
> The simple hack here would be to just reopen the file once the charset
> is determined.
> >> You have probably seen the SOSI standard definitions over at
> http://www.kartverket.no/en/SOSI-Standard-in-English/SOSI/
> > I read the Norwegian standard document about the SOSI format (using
> google translate)
> These are the same files but translated manually.
> > The BNF is international ;). I think apart from the encoding issue,
> there are two problems:
> > 1. The parser does not handle data values correctly, strings ("a
> quoted string") are not parsed correctly
> I have even seen SOSI documents containing strings that should be
> quoted but are not.
> > 3. to correctly understand files you seem to have to read the
> definition files. For example "..VNR X Y Z" is really shorthand
> The FYBA library is also missing this feature.
> > The FYBA C library seems to be pretty complete, but also pretty
> ancient. Maybe having an alternative is not that bad.
> If there were a nice modern alternative we could use I think even the
> officials would prefer it. The problem with making parsers though is
> that you have to handle a lot of almost standard documents too. FYBA
> does a very good job at this at the moment but it a pain to get to
> work. If I could get FYBA to work on
> windows I would have loved to publish a binary of sosi2osm for windows.
> Gnonthgol
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