[NUUG kart] routable OSM based Garmin maps

Arve Dispen arve.dispen at ntnu.no
Tue Nov 18 09:40:21 CET 2008


could it be possible to help Radomir, and host a mirror for his
routable OSM based Garmin maps, here in Norway?

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008, Radomir Mucha-Kruczynski wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 1:08 PM, Arve Dispen <arve.dispen at ntnu.no> wrote:
>> Radomir Mucha-Kruczynski,
>> while reading about OSM, I found this web-site:
>>        http://emexes.powweb.com/osm/
>> and from OpenStreetMap developer discusssion:
>> |Hi Guys,
>> |
>> |I currently write a program/process which generates a Garmin Maps from
>> |OSM data. It produces MP files which are later compile them with
>> |cgpsmapper. The code is in beta stage and I need a bit more time
>> |before publishing the source code, as there are still some dirty-hacks
>> |and workarounds which I would like to fix first. On the other hand the
>> |resulting maps are already usable. I tested one of them during two
>> |last weekends and I was successfully guided by my GPS unit from Poland
>> |to Germany and back (more than 1000 km).
>> Did you manage to find a place to host your routable OSM based Garmin maps?
>> |I already created maps for Germany, Benelux, UK, Ireland, France,
>> |Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. I would like to
>> |publish them for wider audience for testing.
>> You have already expanded this list with Icland and Denmark. Do you have any
>> plans to include Norway and Sweeden?
> Hi Arve,
> I have found a server (in Australia), but people have reported
> multiple errors while downloading the maps. It seems that the server
> terminates the connection when downloading takes too long. Without the
> client able to resume download you end up with broken file. I you have
> some (pretty much) free space on the server it would be nice to create
> a mirror.
> Yes, I have already started to add map of Sweden to generation process
> but later I was heavily loaded with my work and I haven't managed to
> end it. I hope it will be ready in a few weeks.
> Radomir

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