[NUUG kart] problem with imported corine data

Peter Svensson svensson3000 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 15:09:17 CET 2011

To vibrog and kart mailing list:


I've found a problem with data corresponding to Corine Land Cover dataset


Please see:



As you can see in current version (1), the way has the role "inner" in a
multipolygon, and is crossed with itself. This gives problems with at least
the following software: JOSM, Validator Plugin, Maperative. I also note that
Mapnik and Osmarenderer renders differently to this kind of crossed ways so
I guess it's best that to avoid to have this in the data. 


This single error should be easy to correct if you have local knowledge or
aerial imagery availble. 

However, after finding this, i guess the rest of the import could have
similiar errors and needs to be validated.




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