[NUUG kart] Question about import from user visa-import

Hans Olav Skogstad hans-olav.skogstad at online.no
Wed May 7 19:08:26 CEST 2014

Hi dear imports mailinglist.

I am a member of the Norwegian OSM mailing list (kart at nuug.no  
<kart at nuug.no>), and we have beedn discussing the imports done by this  
user lately.

We find that the quality of the import is lacking in many ways.
Some examples are:
- duplicates, or even triplets of ways, both from the imports alone and  
 from the imports and previous manually added data
- some of the imported data is old and is not representing real world  
- highway=* start and ends in "mid air" without being connected to  
- waterway=* are all imported as stream, and existing river might have  
been downgraded to stream.

These imports have not been discussed in our national mailing list as i  
see that the import guidelines state.
Now i am wondering if this user has come here and asked if these imports  
are ok? I would assume that's not the case because of the low quality of  
the import, but i think i need to ask.

And another question is how to precede with the problems this import has  
created. Perhaps the best would be to delete everything done by this user?
I have read this (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Handling_bad_imports)  
page regarding bad imports, but i ask here first before i go to the data  
working group.

Please excuse any typos or bad english in the text. :)

Best regards
Hans Olav Skogstad

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